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Illuminate Wellness is a health and wellbeing centre in Daylesford Victoria

Our passion is to assist people in becoming more resourceful and making sustainable change, the kind of change that empowers them to achieve greater states of wellbeing. When you arrive at our practice, we don’t see that there is something wrong, something broken that needs fixing.


We see the brilliance in the body attempting to connect, to strive for a greater state of wellness and to initiate change. We see pain or dysfunction as a message from your intelligent body. We see it as a message to say stop, pay attention, do something different! As such we look to find the resources you already have available.

We look to what is right about what is happening, not what is wrong. Through this process we help you to increase your resourcefulness, increase your adaptability to life’s challenges.


As resourcefulness and adaptability increase the following changes occur:

  • Greater physical function including healing from pain and illness

  • New awareness and acceptance of your health state and situation

  • Different ways of being and interacting with yourself and in your relationships

  • Healthier lifestyle choices

  • More extraordinary quality of life

Do you have symptoms?

Symptoms are your body’s way of drawing your attention to something that does not feel good. They alert you to an area of life that is calling for growth and attention.

Whether physical, mental or emotional in nature all symptoms such as pain, suffering, illness and disease are designed to make us stop what we are doing, wake up and make changes.

Eliminating pain is never a long-term solution; it will only resurface somewhere else in your body or life, often with an increased intensity.

Which area of your life is asking for attention?

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