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Network Spinal (NS)

Network Spinal (NS) is an important development in healthcare associated with long-term benefits in health, emotional state and quality of life. It taps into your body’s innate capacity to heal and regulate its stress and tension.

NS is heavily researched, safe and gentle. It is a very powerful and effective approach for everyone, regardless of age or your current state of health.

NS focuses on patterns of tension held within the spine and muscles of the body. Each tension pattern impacts on your posture, flexibility, range of motion, energy levels, emotional response, thinking and ability to manage stress and life.

One of the objectives of NS is to help your nervous system connect to each of the tension patterns that the body has locked in and develop a strategy to release the energy and information associated with that pattern.

This released energy and information then becomes available for your body, life and relationships to be used in a more constructive way. This energy becomes the fuel source for change as you learn how to harness and create a healthier, stronger body and version of yourself that ensures lasting improvements in the areas that have troubled you.

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is a very empowering set of breath exercises that aid your healing process.

The exercises consist of breathing, moving and focusing your awareness to parts of the body that require your attention, acknowledgement and energy. These exercises help you to understand where you are in your healing process and provide you with additional tools to work with outside the office.

The exercises are very powerful at creating changes in the body and mind, giving context and wisdom to the experiences and emotions that one may be experiencing at any point in their healing journey.

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